UT Bank Ghana Ltd.

UT Bank Ghana Ltd is one of the most progressive Banks in Ghana and the flagship company of the UT Group.

Website: www.utbankghana.com

About UT Bank Ghana Ltd.

UT Bank commenced business as a Finance house in 1997 and evolved from a lending company to what is now a Universal Bank that is publicly owned and actively traded on the Ghana Stock Exchange. The bank operates a network of 28 branches with approximately 200,000 clients, and staff of 700.

UT Bank has positioned itself as a lending bank that seeks to change the face of banking in Ghana through fast, efficient and respectful delivery of products and services. As one of the fastest growing banks in Ghana, UT Bank provides innovative customer oriented products and services, focusing primarily, on the financial needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

UT Bank provides a range of services to its customers including individual and business demand accounts; savings accounts; investment services, foreign exchange accounts; personal, working capital and auto loans; asset finance; overdraft services; electronic banking solutions; credit cards; and insurance products. UT Bank is part of UT Group, one of Ghana's largest and most diversified private companies, with holdings in different sectors, including insurance, debt collection, properties management, and other areas that provide diversified yet integrated services to small and medium sized businesses and individuals.

With only two years experience in the banking sector, UT Bank was voted Bank of the Year 2011, Best Bank in Financial Performance and IT/Electronic Banking in addition to other awards of the Ghana Banking Awards 2011. UT Bank has received a number of other awards including Ghana's Most Respected Company, 2010 (Pricewaterhouse and B&FT), it was ranked #10 in the Ghana Club 100 list (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, 2011) and iwas voted a Super brand in Ghana by Superbrand Ghana.

Focus on Women's Empowerment

UT Bank currently provides a range of services to SMEs and is in process of designing a Women's market program. The bank currently provides various non-financial services that target women, including financial literacy programs, breast cancer support and awareness programs, and also hosts an annual entrepreneurship award in partnership with Enablis, with a strong representation of women as participants.

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